ACE Cargo Release is now supported with Xtheta Release X15001. Ace release/entry processing is performed via menu IMPOP option 7. The screens are very similar to the ACS screens. If you think something is missing it is probably not supported on ACE. From the user perspective the current ACE cargo release function still has some major pieces missing. For more details see the Cargo Release Limitations Warnings section.

We strongly advise you NOT to use ACE cargo release until you read the CBP publication “ACE Cargo Release Business Process Document” that may be found on the CBP website. Release now works very differently than in ACS<

If you enter a tariff that requires any OGA at all (even a disclaimer) we stop you on the screen. At that point you can go back into the data keyed using menu IMPOP option 1. No data will be lost.

All data input for Ace release and Ace summary certified through release now requires full classification at time of input. BCS is no longer supported by CBP or Xtheta for ACE. Just like the current BCS fully classified operation it is possible to just send the SE release transmission from this data if this fits your needs. In fact if you wish to resend your release for some reason you must only select the “Relse” option. The certify from summary option only works for the initial submission

You should be aware that once an entry is transmitted and accepted through ACE cargo release it cannot be reversed and sent to ACS. We have put hard stops on the screen if you try.

For more information on the screen and process changes involved see ACE Release Screens.

For information on Release results visit ACE Release Results.

Updated: Derek 7-29-15