The concept of entities is found throughout PGA’s. An entity is a party to the transaction that needs to be identified on every PGA Line. It is is important that you understand this concept and learn how to optimize your operations by setting appropriate entity defaults. For details see Entities.

Basic Operations

PGA operations work very differently from the Xtheta Perspective. When you run into an HTS line that is flagged for a PGA (for multiple PGA’s we present you with a selection screen showing you the PGA’s you will need to satisfy.) As you enter the PGA data this summary screen will be kept updated. This screen may then look like this

  PGA'S This Line 15-00318   001 001 001 2930902900       
   Agc ln# Program                Flg              Description           
   FDA 002  DRU  PRE  150.007     FD2              GLUCOSAMINE 

You may then select the line you wish to update

When you are creating a new PGA you have up to 3 fields to key regardless of the PGA.

a. Summary Description to be used on the OI record

b. Disclaimer This has multiple values based on the PGA. If blank it is not disclaimed. You can DUP for possible values.

c. Program If this is displayed you need to enter (or dup to select) the appropriate program and subprogram within this PGA.

d. HS 7 Box This will only appear for NHTSA. The combination of the program and the box will drive screen selection

d. The next screens will vary by PGA and you should go to the relevant section in this guide.

PGA’s That are Now Mandatory

  1. APHIS - Lacey Act For details see Lacey Data elements & Syntax.

  2. ATF - Firearms and Explosives This is a fairly simple program to track permits and licenses for regulated goods. For details see ATF Data elements & Syntax.

  3. DEA - Drug Enforcement Administration Report on the importation of controlled substances. see DEA Data elements & Syntax.

  4. DDTC - Directorate of Defense Controls This is required to be transmitted for all ITAR regulated commodities. A very simple collection of permits and licenses.

  5. EPA - Environmental Protection Agency This is collecting information about Vehicles/Engines, Pesticides and TSCA. It automates the forms you are currently preparing. This becomes Mandatory on May 18th 2017. For details see EPA Data elements & Syntax.

  6. FDA This a very extensive program with different requirements for different commodities. For details see FDA Data elements & Syntax.

  7. NHTSA (Aka DOT) This is collecting the same HS7 data that you are currently sending through ACS. Presentation is different of course. For details see NHTSA Data elements & Syntax.

  8. NMFS This limited program affects imports of Tuna, Toothfish and Highly Migratory species. For details see NMFS Data elements & Syntax.

  9. TTB - Alcohol & Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau You will now have to account for and justify the many and various IRC tax rates you are sending on your entries For details see TTB Data elements & Syntax.

PGA’s That are Now Available and may be Mandatory soon

1 . AMS - Agricultural Marketing Service This is a completely new electronic PGA for Importers and Brokers. In your current environment this is primarily done by cold storage locations and customs inspection locations. Now you will be required to file the data prior to release. For details see AMS Data elements & Syntax.

  1. CPSC - Consumer Products Safety Commission This is a completely new electronic PGA for Importers and Brokers. The Alpha Pilot for this has just closed and we expect the Beta pilot to start this summer.

*PGA’s that may become mandatory at a future date

We will be rolling these out for you to use in production over the next few months.

  1. APHIS - Non Lacey This is an obtrusive program with different requirements for different commodities.

  2. FSIS - Food Safety Inspection Service This provides an electronic version of forms 9540-1 that you should currently be preparing

  3. FWS - Fish and Wildlife Service. They are back! We sat on the review committee for this and it looks like it will be very intrusive. We will communicate more details as we get towards implementation - probably in 2018.

  4. OMF - Office of Marine Fisheries This agency regulates shrimp imports.

Updated: Derek 07-27-17