There are very few screen changes that you will see while keying an ACE entry. We have deliberately kept the process as similar to the current ABI system.

Entry Control - IMPOP01A

The bottom of this screen has been rearranged to free up some screen space to add a new field “Combine”. This field is not ACE related but lets you change the background combined tariff option on entry by entry basis.

You will now get an error message if you try to change an ACE summary after it has been paid (customs won’t allow this). Once a summary is in CBP status, you’ll need to go to to Import Operations Option 22 to file a post summary correction.

3461/7501 HDR Control - IM01HD02

There are no new fields on this screen but there are some different edits for ACE.

The ETA date is mandatory if you are certifying release from summary (we believe this is a bug in ACE on CBP’s side)

When keying an ACE entry the first time payment type 1 is not allowed. Once the entry is accepted you may change it to type 1.

Line Header - IMP01C02

There are no new fields on this screen however there is a new function key. F13-ACE will cause a new screen to be displayed to add additional fields in two possible circumstances.

If you wish to do a Preemptive census Override you may enter the override conditions. An example would be a specially manufactured garment where you know the value would exceed the Census parameters. You can send down the codes to cause CBP to accept this line as is.

ACE has the option to send party information down with the line. We normally default this information from the entry data already given. However this screen will let you override these parties for accurate compliance. These parties are:

  • Manufacturer/Supplier This is usually the Invoice party MID

  • Delivered to Party The system will leave this blank. Do not fill it in unless you know the IRS Number of the final place of delivery (as opposed to the consignee).

  • Sold to Party This is tricky as the value here depends on the nature of the transaction. The system will default to the client IRS Number unless you have set a different option on the customer file, Customs Setup, Ace Sold to. Options on the customer screen are “C” for customer, “I” for importer of record, “U” for Consignee or “K” to force the user to key it on the details screen. The Sold to Party is mandatory. You may also set a global defaults for the Sold to party via SETUP, Import Q41,

  • Foreign Exporter - mandatory for ADD/CVD - the MID of the foreign exporting party

New Trailer Screen - XR0002A

If a customer is enabled for ACE (or if SETUP, Import Options -3 has 46. Confirm entry data prior to Transmission set to Y) then the entry will calculated on the screen and an entry value summary displayed. At this point you can force the transmit to ACE or ACS based on the messages displayed. Once an entry has been accepted by ACE you CANNOT just choose to send it to ACS. You must first use option 12 on the ABI menu to delete it from ACE.