Very soon we’ll be announcing the first major refresh of the Xcb web application since we first released it back in 2008. Given the amount of changes to the system, we've had to update the system requirements a bit and we wanted to give you an advance warning.  While the hardware requirements haven't changed, the software pre-requisites are slightly different:

  • Microsoft ASP.NET 4.0 or 4.5:  You may actually already have this installed on your system; if not, Microsoft offers it as a free download.
  • System/I Access v6.1 or v7.1:  I’m pretty sure you’re already running one of these two versions. However, we’ll double check your system sometime in the next few days and email if we notice any issues
  • ASP.NET MVC:  We’ll include this in the upgrade - so you won’t need to install it yourself.

In case you're curious, here's a quick preview of what's new:

  • Easier to use:  We’ve adjusted the UI to make it more intuitive for your users, and even included a built in help system
  • Easier to administer: We’ve added a bunch of management and network integration features.  For example, we’re adding support for tying your Xcb user accounts in with your network’s username and password administration.
  • Easier to upgrade:  In most cases, the system will no longer require downtime for web upgrades or notifications.  As a matter of fact, users don’t even need to log off to see the changes take effect!
  • Faster:  We’ve made a bunch of changes to make this version significantly faster.  In some of our tests, we’ve measured performance increases of between 300-500% over the existing system

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact support or myself.