Welcome to our very first Xtheta INSIGHTS issue of the new year!  We hope you find this information useful as you navigate the complicated world of import.  If you have any questions, comments, or thoughts for a future issue please let us know!


We have told you before that CBP’s ACE system just was not ready for prime time.  But, they have been steadily rolling out fixes over the last few months and April’s release “C” will include important tariff/MPF validations.  While ACE’s entry summary module still is not complete enough to replace ACS, it will finally be a viable option for simple entries.  So, we feel comfortable pushing it out to our user base.

Easier Entry Program

As part of our upcoming ACE support, we will be releasing a new Xcb based entry program that supports both ACE and ACS.  The interface works similarly to the interface we’ve rolled out for In-Bonds and ISF. 

The new program simplifies the user interface and should greatly enhance user throughput.  The first obvious change is a dashboard that shows the status of your entries:  most recent entries will show at the top of the screen, with full tracking search included.   We have also integrated some of the best features from our AII/RLF system.  In some cases you only need to enter 2 screens to complete an entry, shipment details, and the lines on the invoice.  You do not need to use AII/RLF to get these benefits: this entry system still includes all the entry types.

It is important to remember that you will only get the new entry program and ACE support if you are signed up for Xcb.   The old programs will continue to be available for a short time, but will only work with ACS.  We will be phasing them out once ACE becomes mandatory.  So, please do not wait to prepare for the future:  contact support or sales to get the ball rolling.


After much delay, we will also be rolling out a new Xcb web interface in parallel with the ACE and Entry changes.  This major update will include many new features throughout the whole system.  Some of the new features include several additional reporting options, text message notifications, an integrated help system and optional document imaging with workflow / barcoding support.

Other notes

We are working on documentation for all these new features and will keep you posted about current status.  While these changes do make the system much easier to use, we also understand that you’ll need some time to train your staff.   We will be rolling out our release in early March to give you time to familiarize yourself with the new screens before taking the plunge.  We will still support the old interface for ACS shipments in case you need additional time to transition.