Xtheta’s software is now certified for ACE!   So, now’s your chance to start taking advantage of the new functionality ACE provides.  This includes changes to entry summary, post summary correction, census error overrides, and ADD/CVD cases.

SaaS/ASP Clients Rolled out the week of July 14th
Standalone Clients Scheduling starts July 21st


How do we start using ACE?

In order to use ACE, you must be running on Xcb.  If you haven’t switched to Xcb yet, please contact us and we’ll be glad to assist you.

Once you’re on Xcb, you’ll need to work with your ABI reps to get set up for ACE on the customs side. CBP has assured us that you won’t need to do client testing.

You’ll probably want to take a measured approach to rolling out ACE to your clients:

  • Pick an individual to be the ACE expert and transition specialist.  You will need to get some expertise on this before letting everyone loose.
  • Pick one or two clients to pilot ACE entries (see the next section if you aren’t sure whether a client is a good fit).  You can roll it out to more clients once you’ve worked through some of the internal procedural changes that ACE requires
  • Be prepared for differences between ACE procedures and the ACS procedures you’re already familiar with.  We will be issuing detailed documents for this as the entry process is very different from ACS.  The entry programs have some new data fields/screens which you will need to understand.

ACE still has several limitations on CBP’s side.  So you’ll want to make sure that you only bring up clients that are good candidates.

In general look for clients that fit the following criteria:

  • Must use entry type 01, 03 or 11
    Reason: ACE only supports those entry types currently
  • Shouldn’t file Lacey entries
    Reason: ACE doesn’t support electronic Lacey declarations: you’d need to use paper
  • Client shouldn’t use combined tariff
    Reason: We don’t support combined tariff yet for ACE.
  • Client should have some small to mid-size entries
    Reason:  A bug in ACE on CBP’s side currently limits the size of entries.
  • Client should be flexible
    Reason: CBP still experiences periodic ACE related issues, so entries may need to get canceled and resubmitted via ACS from time to time.

Where are we going from here?

We’ll be adding support for Document Imaging System (DIS) later this fall.   This will let you send your documents to CBP electronically and will finally start moving the import business to a truly paperless environment. 

Later this year CBP will be adding support for ACE cargo release and PGAs.  When that support is available, we’ll update our software to take advantage of the new functions.