Cyber Security Month

Hardly a week goes by without hearing news of yet another massive security breech. It's a scary world we live in.

October is Cyber Security Awareness month, so we wanted to take some time to talk about how we secure your information and practical steps you can take.

This list isn't comprehensive due to time/space requirements - but we want you to be secure!  So, if you are interested, we'd be glad to talk with you or send you additional resources that you can use.

How you can be more secure

  • Change your password regularly to keep attackers guessing. We're rolling out a new menu option that will let you change both your BosWeb and AS400 passwords at once!
  • Install OS, browser, anti-virus and Java updates promptly. Don't forget that Microsoft doesn't support Windows XP anymore - so now's the time to upgrade if you haven't already!
  • Try using a browser like Chrome or Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. Both of these browsers will warn you about potential security threats on the internet.

Some of the ways we help secure your information

  • Firewalls and other anti-intrusive measures protect the outside (and insides) of our network.
  • Encryption is used to protect in case laptops get stolen or someone tries to eavesdrop on our employees when they sign on remotely.
  • Backups are stored off site in a secured/monitored vault.

Cargo/Manifest/Entry Release Status Query

Many people have asked about the new Cargo/Manifest/Entry Release query announced in CSMS# 14-000542. Unfortunately, this message was only announcing a test pilot that CBP doesn't have in production yet. We've already been working with CBP on testing the new system and have found/reported several issues.

Please note that this new function only works for ACE releases. We have built this in behind the current ACS cargo release query so that if you are using ACE it will send both the ACE & ACS query as you probably do not know how the entry was submitted. We will let you know as soon as CBP makes it available in production.

ACE Cargo Release

Some may be wondering when we're planning on supporting ACE cargo release. Don't worry - it's in the works, we just haven't released it yet since the current CBP system doesn't support any OGA data (not even disclaimers!). We plan to release our software once CBP has added OGA support.


You may have heard recent discussion of the new eBond initiative at CBP. The system won't be live at CBP until January, but we're already working with both CBP and surety companies to make sure you'll be ready.

Under eBond you'll need to submit HTS values to the surety before you file your entry release if you're using an STB. This will dramatically affect your release sequence for STB based entries:

  1. Collect fully classified entry data
  2. Send eBond transaction to the surety (we're already working with the major sureties so you can do this right from within our software!)
  3. Surety will transmit the bond information to CBP for approval.
  4. CBP (and the surety) will notify you about approval/rejection.
  5. Once the bond is approved our software will submit the release automatically.