How to read your monthly billA guide to the different sections of your monthly bill

1. Bill to

This is the address to which this invoice has been mailed to.

2. Account summary

  • Account number: Your unique identifier.
  • Invoice date: The date your bill was prepared.
  • Invoice number: Number created when bill is prepared, please include this number when making payments.
  • PO/Agreement number: Purchase Order or Agreement number may be required to process some invoices.

3.Transaction Fees

These fees are computed based on the number of transactions you created using our software during the prior month. A transaction is a single file opened or an ISF filing. You will only get billed for a transaction in the month it was created. If you later change that transaction, you will not be billed again.

4. Transaction counts

This section shows a summary of transactions created for the prior month.

5. Balance summary

This area provides details of your current balance, recent payments and adjustments made.

6. Amount due

This area provides the total amount due, including any past due balances and the payment due date. Please note prior balances must be paid using the invoice in which it relates to.

7. Contact us

If you have any questions about your bill, you may contact us by phone or email.

8. Invoice total, payments/adjustments, and total amount due

Invoice total shows amount due for current invoice, any recent payments or adjustments made will be shown here. Total amount due will include any  past due balances (past due balances must be paid using prior bill sent).

9. Payment slip

Return this portion of the bill with your payment.