Xcb customs: simplified

Xcb provides a powerful import and export system that is still easy to use and understand. We used our vast knowledge and history in the U.S. Customs industry (over 20 years!) to produce a system that fits any size broker or importer.

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Version: 2.0
Released: June 14, 2015


Multiple ad-hoc report types Create custom reports for all sorts of information in the system.

With the latest version of Xcb, you can create custom reports for all sorts of information in the system.

Advanced filtering options Advanced filtering options allow you to control what items show up on your final report.

The system allows you to filter a report based on a specific search that you've done. For example, you might run a report that shows all entries for customer numbers 00001-00022.

Download results immediately In a rush? Download your results right away.

If you want to see your results immediately, you can just choose the download option when you run your report. The report will run in the background so you can continue working and will transparently download to your web browser.


The system includes a built in scheduler that allows you to schedule all sorts of important tasks. This lets you take your reporting to a whole new level.

Overview General Features

Xcb offers a full featured import and export solution.  The system was designed from the ground up to put important information at your fingertips and help you manage shipments with ease.   Here's just some of what's available: