Xtheta as an idea has been around since the 1970's. Over the years it has grown and matured into what it is
currently today: a software leader in the U.S. Customs Import business. Here is a neat little view of where
Xtheta has come from:

  • New frontiers Late 2013

    Continuing our tradition as pioneers, Xtheta started working with a nationally known organization to develop software to help adoptive & foster families locate the resources they need.

    The result of that collaboration was Poplar; which runs an officially endorsed website for one state, and will be rolling out to several others.

  • Reinventing a classic 2009

    As Xtheta grew, we realized that we needed to start working on the next generation of import/export software.  So, we began working on a product that would again change the direction of the industry: Xcb.

  • Back to the basics summer of 2007

    In the summer of 2007 OHL decided that customs software didn't fit as part of their core business.  So, the software was returned to its original owner, and the "ex-Theta" values were re-born in us:  Xtheta.

  • Dot com boom late 1990's

    By 1999 the dot com era was in full swing and we ended up merging with Freightek Inc, a company with a complementary web product under development which fit nicely into our marketplace.   In 2006 the combined company was bought out by Ozburn-Hessey Logistics (OHL).

  • A company with purpose 1980's

    In 1980 Theta Systems Inc. was formed as a company dedicated to the international trade. During the early 1980’s Theta added products for exporters and forwarders as well as continuing to enhance its software for Custom Brokers.   When Customs started working on an electronic interface to speed up trade, Theta participated as one of the original testers.

  • Our story begins mid-1970's

    Our story begins in the mid-1970's when Derek Stevens started writing software for customs brokers as a side business.  As a largely paper-based market place, the import/export business was in dire need of automation.